Monday, 17 October 2011

The Mask

You take off one mask... and then you were another.

Some are smiling, some frown.

 Which one will you wear today? The meeting mask, the outing mask, the greeting mask, the thinking mask, or maybe the caring one. There are so many of them. So many choices!

Each one has a purpose, and each one has a place.

/A part to play. And play it does. / 

You are brilliant, you are dazzling. You are the winner. Yes there is also a mask for that - the winning face.

And you have to wear it, wear them. Keep wearing them. Maybe you are wearing too many at a time even. Because there isn't always enough time to change.

/They won't come off!/

 Now they are there to stay.

/Stay forever. And you wonder. /

If. If they ever come off.

What will be your real face?


Friday, 14 October 2011

The End?

The colors are as vivid as they were on a day long, long ago. There is a lot of green, some blue. More green, less blue. As much as you love the sky, you can't help but admire the emerald. Its refreshing. In this place, it is like time has stopped, just for you.

Or not really. You know its moving bit by bit, as the seconds tick.

So then, maybe it is you who have stopped. Stopped to breathe and look around, take a moment for yourself, and just breathe.

The place is not real, but real. You eyes are closed, so you shouldn't be seeing, but you are seeing, in this place in your head.

But the end is still far, far away, and you cannot see there.

Quite possibly, you don't even need to. But it makes you wonder.

Can the end keep changing?