Thursday, 3 November 2011


"You are scared of everything!"

"There are some things you have to be scared of. " She answers.

She has always been afraid. Of things she can see and those she cannot.

Perhaps more of the ones unseen.

"You can't be scared forever. "

She ponders. Fear.

What is fear? She wonders. She best knows it as this gripping feeling. A hand wrapping around the heart, and squeezing it, not enough for her to stop breathing, but enough for her to feel it.

"I can if I choose to."

She doesn't understand. Has she chosen fear? Or has it chosen her?

"That's stupid."

Yes, perhaps it is.

"So be it then." But her answer doesn't change.

Because it has been her companion as long as she can remember, holding her hand and walking with her.

Whether it kills or helps her live through the day to come remains uncertain.


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