Sunday, 29 January 2012

Dream a dream

What if you were dreaming someone else's dream?

Dreams are not simply seen only when sleeping. You see them all the time, more or less. Crazy, crazy things. Sometimes they are seen when awake - what one calls as daydreaming. And sometimes they are felt, experienced. Lived.

These are the dreams where the eyes are not closed. Its a whirlwind feeling, a rush to the head, too much giddy happiness which goes to the head. Like a roller coaster ride.

It feels so real, because in that moment, it is all happening. Facts and fiction mix together, and make it happen. So tangible.

Real, real.

And just like that, it ends. Without warning, without conclusion even. So abrupt.

What is left is fragments of fleeting moments, the reality that never came to be, and a prayer.

May the next dream be sweeter.