Saturday, 14 January 2012


'Its a game.' She whispers.

'Do you want to play it?'


'So why are you playing it?'

'Because I can't stop!' Its much more than a whisper now.

'Why not?'

She doesn't answer.

'Its easy.' It should be. You just don't have to play, the answer is simple enough.

'You are wrong.' She sighs. 'If it was so easy...'

'You ' A puff of smoke, goes up, and then another, '...don't want to.' Stop.

Her eyes widen, 'That's a lie...' She plays because she has to, not because she wants to.

'Then...' Ashes fall to the floor, cold from the descent.

'Then?' Her voice is all innocence, the curiosity of a child.

'Why are you so good at it?' the cigarette is extinguished.

She has no answer. What possibly comes close to it is an upturned curve of rosy lips.

The game is up.


  1. You keep lyin'
    when you ought to be truthin'

    And you keep losin'
    when you ought to not bet

    You keep samin'
    when you ought to be a-changin'

    Now what's right is right
    but you ain't been right yet.. :)

    1. :) all because you wanted to keep playing


    This is my interpretation of the theme. You can say expansion or ruining as well, but my note is loosely based on this. Credit may not be the correct word, but it is the first one that came to my mind. :) Thank you.