Sunday, 15 January 2012


Want it but don't wish for it. Wish it but don't want it.

Tiny wishes, she collects them and keeps them in a silver box. Precious, precious wishes. Each wish is a light feather. If she suddenly opens the box, they'll fly with the wind, and be lost forever. That is why she decides she'll never open the box.

It is kept locked, locked. That all too important lock on that all too important box.

She wonders why none of them come true. 


  1. I plucked a wish, and put it in a box, thought it would grow, and my life would blossom, I kept on wishing, I kept on plucking, I kept on keeping, all inside the box, but one by one, they just crumbled and died, and I wondered why, and I went to the old man, who know how and why, he said, you never told the wind, and the water, and the moon and the butterflies, and everything that matters, how would it grow, if you never opened the shutters.. :) open the box.

  2. And maybe they'll come true, one by one! :)