Thursday, 2 February 2012

Life, or something like it

"A demon of our own making. "

That is, in his own opinion,  a very absurd opinion of life, "Why does it have to be a demon?" he asks, gently, lightly, going against what is called as common sense. She is a woman. Leave her be. Who knows what they are thinking anyway.

"Because that is what it is." She speaks with the sweetest smile.

He doesn't know what kind if reaction is appropriate in this situation. Should he laugh? Should he chide? Or should he just agree? "Elaborate?" Again, he goes against his common sense.

The sweet smile gives way to a soft sigh, "What do you see in her?"

"...! Why are we talking about that?" He is flustered. This and that are completely different things!

"Just answer."

Silence. Staring. More silence. A gaze that pierces, a gaze which already knows the answer keeps staring at him. And again, a lack of answer.

"She doesn't love you."

No answer.

"She'll never come to love you. " She shoots one arrow after another in a soft voice.

He smiles. Wryly, wistfully, "Maybe I should just fall for you. " he chuckles.

But you won't.

A demon you choose. You nurture it, care for it, and let it grow.

"Maybe you should. " She gets up with a skip in her step. "Get me something. I'm hungry. "

"Nobody said anything about feeding you!" He protests, but he knows he will be paying anyway. The pain that she had stirred in him subsides when she giggles.

The demons have subdued, but not disappeared.

And tomorrow they shall fight the same demons, together.


  1. होता न साधा एवढा जो शब्द मी तुजला दिला
    एकाच शब्दाला उभे आयुष्य तारण राहिले

    :) Wistful is not the correct word but it is the first one that comes up to mind.. bravo.

    1. it did what it was supposed to do, I think ;) so its all good! :) Thank you!