Wednesday, 8 February 2012

To forget

Days pass and become weeks, weeks become months, and the months will someday, give way and become a year. Many such years will also pass.

Pieces of you will fade, they will disappear from my memory. Some of them might already have. Or sometimes I wonder. Maybe they haven't. Maybe I have just locked them away, in a place unreachable, because I do not feel like seeing them, touching them, sifting through them.

No hate remains, and certainly, it isn't love. So that what remains - I wonder what it is?

Fragmented memories which lose color and become transparent. Fragmented feelings who have little clue of they mean.

But something does remain. Like a line set in stone after the river has dried up. Meaningless, irrelevant but it doesn't disappear. Seeking to speak but sealed in absolute silence.

It remains. It remains.


  1. Scars are the souvenirs you never lose, past is never far... :) mast hai. :)

    1. :) oh we keep them in a safe place

      thank you.