Monday, 2 July 2012

A reason

The reason why she breathes is because that's how its supposed to work. She has tried holding her breath before, and the world threatens to end if she does so. Its a stifling feeling; she doesn't want the world to end yet, and breathe she must.

The reason why she does a job is because that's how it's supposed to be. She doesn't know how else to structure her time. Or she feels she will die of boredom. She is restless, and she cannot stay that way for long, and work she must.

The reason she paints is because that's how she can see the pictures in her head. Its a curiosity that has to be satiated, lest the image stay in her mind and trouble her, so paint she must.

The reason why she laughs is because is because that's how she feels alive. It is important to feel alive when one is supposed to be living; the other ways are not known to her, and laugh she must.

The reason she thinks of you is because that's how she dreams. For her it is another existence, out of the realms of what is real. Breathing air which doesn't exist, laughing without laughing. Living with her eyes closed, she finds it more thrilling than life itself, and think of you, she must.

The reason why she wakes up, is because she wants to. Dream as she does, the images are fuzzy, they get fuzzier with every passing day, and she knows she has to make it all real for her to be able to dream once again. Because it goes hand in hand. She cannot dream without waking up, and wake up she must.

So she gets up, she works, she smiles, and she keeps her curiosity, unanswered questions, poking them one a time, many at a time, as she can handle it - keeping some pieces of you with her, and looking for many  more which she needs.

Because live, she must.

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