Thursday, 30 August 2012

An ordinary everyday

Things that make up an ordinary everyday.

( Moments, moments. )

Smiles, frowns, boredom, laughter.

( More moments.)

A cup of chai/coffee, strong or weak. Bickering, cribbing. Rain, sunshine, birds, trees, flowers, wind rushing by.

( Moments which fly. )

Whispered promises which echo in the head - the dream of tomorrow, the dream of the tomorrow after tomorrow and then after. Dreaming and day dreaming. 

( O fleeting moment, can I catch you? Where are you going in such a hurry?)

Stories, stories. 

'Did you know...?' - 'Did you hear...' - 'You won't believe what happened...'


( O fleeting moment, won't you stay for a bit longer? )

Darkness falls. Stars twinkle. 

( Silly child, even if I am gone, I'm yours already. Yours to remember, yours to replay over and over. )

Sometimes there is a smile before sleep, or a drop rolls from lashes onto pillow and dries away. Or sleep claims without much deeper thought.

And moment becomes a memory.