Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Music Video: A Breaking World, Girugamesh

My first tryst with Girugamesh, I do not remember very well.

I did not discover this band through anime openings or endings. A friend of mine, L. linked me to some song. (I am ever so grateful to you and I miss your recs! ) Again I don't remember which one, but what I do remember is I fell for them, like instantly. Head over heels and all that stuff. The song below might prove some evidence as to why.

A Breaking World - Girugamesh

I have listened to this song a ton of times. And it has always left me spell bound. I am no expert in Japanese, but I can absorb the gist of a song and some words here and there even without knowing the exact meaning. It was only recently that I was able to access it with the translated lyrics though. The effect of the words + song + video was something else altogether.

I cried.

Anything more, I won't say. Somebody in the comments on you tube has said this is real music. I can just nod in agreement.

Musings: Normalcy

So recently, someone called me normal.

To be specific, the convo went as follows.

R. - 'there is everything normal about you
except that you are from my world
you know
the world of the crazy people'

Me. - 'in all honestly, i think pretty much everyone will be crazy in their own way
its like what kind of crazy suits you'
I do believe that there exist in all probability as many normals as the number of people out there. (Incidentally, The world of crazy people that my friend is talking about is the world of people who are into anime. I don't know why but we end up with perceptions and behaviors so different than those who don't watch it, that we have to be given our so specific category. So of course there are many who will call me normal but they are scattered all around the world. )
I mean I used to have this default image of normal stuck in my head. But then I had a chance to live with people who weren't my directly family. And needless to say even they didn't conform to the default image of normal (and of course they didn't confirm to my normal either), so I thought that yes they also deserve their own category of normal. It made me happy actually. It was fun, and I look forward to discovering more unique examples of normalcy in people.

Thursday, 25 July 2013

Musings - The me that you see.

If every single day in our life becomes a page in a book...

So I find myself in one of those reflective moods again.

The past 2 months brought in a lot of changes. I am exploring joblessness by personal choice - bidding good bye to dear friends, not so dear friends, colleagues, acquaintances and walking home jubilant, joyous back home to a loving albeit somewhat dysfunctional family. A break. A trip. Life.

Its funny. There are so many perceptions about you out there. The way each person who has an active perception about you will think, its like a watermark. Distinct.

I realized it again when I was having my last conversations with colleagues and friends as I set out to leave. I did hear many things which I had more or less prepared myself for, it was a mix of things. From the surprised ,the concerned, to well wishers, to optimists. One response in particular stuck with me though.

'Somehow, its just like you. I mean it suits you. Knowing you...'

I blinked and we both laughed. The friend in question is indeed a dear friend. One whom I honestly didn't have the opportunity to spend so much time with during my short stint away from home. A close friend no. But a dear friend, very much so. The me through her eyes, I wonder how I looked.

Days now are dull as I seek better challenges, better options while trying not to let the panic monster playing peek a boo over my shoulder get the better of me.

The introspection continues.

Sunday, 7 April 2013


So today I was watching another video from AKFG.

Loop & Loop Video (The video has subtitles by the way :D)

For those who don't know ( and I'm sure it'll include most of you!) AKFG is Asian Kung Fu Gen a japanese music band I started to listen to ... er.. I forgot. Basically I have been listening to them for a long time :)

I have been into japanese music since I started watching anime and there are a lots of artists I listen to and like, but at the end of the day I keep coming back to these guys. Usually when I like a song I listen to it like 50-100 times (or more I don't count) before moving on to the next one. Band obsessions have been similar. I like them, I listen to them and then I usually do find a new one. of course I keep coming back to the old ones once in a while.

With AKFG its been different. I wondered why. If you bothered watching the video, their music style alternates between light to punk rockish sometimes. Lyrics are nonsensical most of the times, videos are a jumble of things. I love the lead's voice among other things.

The answer I think, is resonance. Its so awesome to find something that just clicks with you. The lyrics are nonsensical but they have always managed to reach my head in one way or another. The videos are nutty but yeah I keep watching them over and over for reasons that I probably won't be able to understand or tell properly (or care).

If I put that logic into other places, I realize that things I choose to do or say are probably not going to make sense to others because resonance will be and perhaps should be different for everyone. It will reflect things like music, choice of career, choice of a life partner, hobbies... the list is long.

Thing is might not be possible to get that perfect resonance in everything because of routine, blah, responsibilities, luck etc.

But the important things, above all that, is perhaps just to not stop trying :)

Saturday, 16 February 2013

A dull day and no crystal ball

2 minutes of sunshine fading into 10 minutes of cloudy, the scene outside the window grill keeps fluctuating.

Anything can happen as long as you are alive, a line from a show. A good time to ponder on it, since there is nothing better to do.

She agrees.

Unpredictability has thwarted her plans more often than not. So many things that were not supposed to go that way or be like that (So going by the logic, her current fears should become null and void and she should be fearing something else altogether. But that is also confusing, so chuck. )

The future is an restless thing and the empty mind is a devils workshop. All in all there is a dire shortage of patience when one needs it the most. (Days have already become weeks and months, there is no specific reason as to why it should be more bothersome now. Its probably all in the head. )

Fate, destiny, faith - the power of words is a double edged sword but she sleeps with it by her pillow, since its the only one she has.

At the end of the day, she still wants a crystal ball.

Thursday, 14 February 2013

Five thoughts

1. Someday perhaps I will not cry when I see a picture of you. Its not like I try to, but tears roll.

2. Love can bring out the most beautiful and the ugliest side of you. Both are equally acceptable.

3. Not knowing what you are feeling is again, a difficult feeling.

4. Keep putting your best foot forward, keep going.

5. Because you taught me how important people are, I cannot give up on them, I won't give up on them. Perhaps it won't bring me happiness, but it won't bring me regret. It feels like the right thing anyway.