Sunday, 7 April 2013


So today I was watching another video from AKFG.

Loop & Loop Video (The video has subtitles by the way :D)

For those who don't know ( and I'm sure it'll include most of you!) AKFG is Asian Kung Fu Gen a japanese music band I started to listen to ... er.. I forgot. Basically I have been listening to them for a long time :)

I have been into japanese music since I started watching anime and there are a lots of artists I listen to and like, but at the end of the day I keep coming back to these guys. Usually when I like a song I listen to it like 50-100 times (or more I don't count) before moving on to the next one. Band obsessions have been similar. I like them, I listen to them and then I usually do find a new one. of course I keep coming back to the old ones once in a while.

With AKFG its been different. I wondered why. If you bothered watching the video, their music style alternates between light to punk rockish sometimes. Lyrics are nonsensical most of the times, videos are a jumble of things. I love the lead's voice among other things.

The answer I think, is resonance. Its so awesome to find something that just clicks with you. The lyrics are nonsensical but they have always managed to reach my head in one way or another. The videos are nutty but yeah I keep watching them over and over for reasons that I probably won't be able to understand or tell properly (or care).

If I put that logic into other places, I realize that things I choose to do or say are probably not going to make sense to others because resonance will be and perhaps should be different for everyone. It will reflect things like music, choice of career, choice of a life partner, hobbies... the list is long.

Thing is might not be possible to get that perfect resonance in everything because of routine, blah, responsibilities, luck etc.

But the important things, above all that, is perhaps just to not stop trying :)

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