Thursday, 25 July 2013

Musings - The me that you see.

If every single day in our life becomes a page in a book...

So I find myself in one of those reflective moods again.

The past 2 months brought in a lot of changes. I am exploring joblessness by personal choice - bidding good bye to dear friends, not so dear friends, colleagues, acquaintances and walking home jubilant, joyous back home to a loving albeit somewhat dysfunctional family. A break. A trip. Life.

Its funny. There are so many perceptions about you out there. The way each person who has an active perception about you will think, its like a watermark. Distinct.

I realized it again when I was having my last conversations with colleagues and friends as I set out to leave. I did hear many things which I had more or less prepared myself for, it was a mix of things. From the surprised ,the concerned, to well wishers, to optimists. One response in particular stuck with me though.

'Somehow, its just like you. I mean it suits you. Knowing you...'

I blinked and we both laughed. The friend in question is indeed a dear friend. One whom I honestly didn't have the opportunity to spend so much time with during my short stint away from home. A close friend no. But a dear friend, very much so. The me through her eyes, I wonder how I looked.

Days now are dull as I seek better challenges, better options while trying not to let the panic monster playing peek a boo over my shoulder get the better of me.

The introspection continues.

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