Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Music Video: A Breaking World, Girugamesh

My first tryst with Girugamesh, I do not remember very well.

I did not discover this band through anime openings or endings. A friend of mine, L. linked me to some song. (I am ever so grateful to you and I miss your recs! ) Again I don't remember which one, but what I do remember is I fell for them, like instantly. Head over heels and all that stuff. The song below might prove some evidence as to why.

A Breaking World - Girugamesh

I have listened to this song a ton of times. And it has always left me spell bound. I am no expert in Japanese, but I can absorb the gist of a song and some words here and there even without knowing the exact meaning. It was only recently that I was able to access it with the translated lyrics though. The effect of the words + song + video was something else altogether.

I cried.

Anything more, I won't say. Somebody in the comments on you tube has said this is real music. I can just nod in agreement.

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