Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Musings: Normalcy

So recently, someone called me normal.

To be specific, the convo went as follows.

R. - 'there is everything normal about you
except that you are from my world
you know
the world of the crazy people'

Me. - 'in all honestly, i think pretty much everyone will be crazy in their own way
its like what kind of crazy suits you'
I do believe that there exist in all probability as many normals as the number of people out there. (Incidentally, The world of crazy people that my friend is talking about is the world of people who are into anime. I don't know why but we end up with perceptions and behaviors so different than those who don't watch it, that we have to be given our so specific category. So of course there are many who will call me normal but they are scattered all around the world. )
I mean I used to have this default image of normal stuck in my head. But then I had a chance to live with people who weren't my directly family. And needless to say even they didn't conform to the default image of normal (and of course they didn't confirm to my normal either), so I thought that yes they also deserve their own category of normal. It made me happy actually. It was fun, and I look forward to discovering more unique examples of normalcy in people.

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