Friday, 30 January 2015

Does Magic Exist?

It starts with what is magic?

Magic was, in all probability, the core of your childhood and mine as well. Cinderella and her fairy God Mother, Aladdin and his magic lamp; spells, enchantments, witches, fairies and superpowers - it is a very curious world indeed. One which is and isn't at the same time. But the child is ever so eager to believe.

So what happens when we grow up? Magic somehow seems to fade away from the being. Today you and I are more likely to disprove any inkling of magic that may dare surface and why not? We know the tricks. How a bunny can be pulled from a hat and many more. We are now smarter and educated. With us we have tools of science, math, logic and reasoning. There has to be an explanation. Even if it hasn't been found yet, sooner or later it will be and then it will all make sense. Let’s face it, we are not kids anymore!

Did the magic really disappear though?

Did it leave you and me? Or this world that we were born in? What was that funny tingle that you felt when your eyes met your crush or beloved? Or the radiance in the eyes of a stray pup that you picked and held in your arms (you must have smiled or tried goofy faces). A warm hug from mom which somehow seems to melt away all worries of the day, if just for a few moments or a melody which takes you to another world when you plug in your earphones, (somebody created that combination of notes and beats and God knows what else and now you are experiencing bliss or a tug at your heart).

Even though it doesn't come close to the dictionary meaning, even if we are all grown up into fine adults, even though we know that there are footsteps on the moon, even though we can come up with an explanation for almost anything maybe somewhere, the child in us knows something more.

I hope there is some magic coming your way!