Saturday, 9 May 2015

Being Human – Of Small Balls and a BIG Heart

I vaguely remember the first couple of times I saw people wearing T-shirts with the message ‘Being Human’ in bold, capital letters. The words were so heavy and the message was like a loud plea on a busy street, the wearer seemingly carrying the burden of the whole existence on his shoulders.

I later found out that it was a popular catch phrase associated with a certain Mr. S. Khan and of course, Mr. S. Khan is only human.

After all, it is only human to get shit drunk (a witness had reported that the honorable Mr. S. Khan had been so drunk that he staggered to a fall and had to get up again upon alighting the car post the hit) and party into the wee hours of the night when you belong to the cream of society, its only human to make a mistake like drinking and driving, everyone does it once in a while (it’s another matter that there is a law against it), it’s only human to overlook those petty laws, who follows all those rules anyway. And when your car veers out of control and runs over other humans it’s only human to lose your shit and get the hell out of there.

Yes, it’s only human to lose the imaginary balls you so proudly flaunt in the movies.

Boys and girls, ladies and gentlemen please understand that it’s completely human to pray that you don’t get convicted after a boo-boo which accidentally killed one and disabled some others. Yes, it’s human to utilize every single ounce of power, wealth and loopholes in an already putrefied legal system (which is also a result of being human and accepting money under the table, over the table etc. ) to save your sorry ass, small balls and your BIG heart.

Oh yes, it is so wonderfully human to have an awesome, BIG heart, overflowing with gold and warmth and all that is heavenly, especially since it makes up for those tiny balls. I mean, it’s human to lose oneself in fear and turn a complete blind eye to the plight of a young, righteous police officer who stood his ground right till the end, whom you brought to utter ruin. It will be covered by that BIG heart, surely 600 plus children saved and massive donations (I haven’t bothered to check the number) are more than enough to make up for a couple of measly lives.

As for the fellow supporters, they are also being human! I mean it’s human to feel pain and sadness when your friend, good co-actor, good samaritan (who is also involved currently in some projects valued over Rs. 200 crore, which are likely to suffer in case the guy is ever jailed), their own kind and kin is going to suffer through the unimaginable, hellish torture of living in a jail cell all because of some unintentional mistake long back. The fans rooting for him are also human. It’s only human to feel so much love for that BIG heart and charisma and hope that just because of a couple of relatively small wrongs, the poor guy doesn't suffer much. 1-2 years max sounds Ok but anything more is too much.

After all, he has suffered for 13 years! Albeit in a different manner than the honest police officer, who was shunned by society, was forced to become a near beggar, was shrunk to 1/4th of his original healthy body and faced a near isolated, premature death from tuberculosis.

But it’s only human that the B’town and all the supporters of our BIG hearted hit and run chocolate boy want us to understand that Mr. S. Khan has also suffered, probably while shooting every scene of Dabangg and every episode of Big Boss. Oh how he has suffered, how his heart has bled, we should all just stop bothering him already.

After understanding such implications of being human I mildly contemplated starting something along the lines of ‘Being Alien’ but that’s a discussion for another time.

For now, even you and I are very much human and it does encompass a much broader meaning than we can ever imagine or what I have listed above.

So what can we do as part of being human? It’s funny recollecting it now but there was a time when I was an avid fan of Mr. S. Khan. The last movie I watched was ‘Hello Brother’ (I was in the tenth standard then) with Mr. S. Khan and Rani Mukherjee. I remember feeling hurt and betrayed by someone I once adored when the whole accident incident actually happened. But somehow I was no longer able to admire Mr. S. Khan as a person and haven’t been able to watch any movies by him ever since.

Maybe the next time Dabangg 4 or 5 releases in theaters with a big bang, we can give it a quiet miss. Maybe we can think twice before gluing our eyes to the screen for the next episode of Big Boss. Maybe we can even think carefully about the stars we worship. Why do we adore the ones we adore? Why do we respect the ones we respect? Is B’town really full of such fantastic Gods and Goddesses that we are crazed for them, so elated if we so much as happen to catch a glimpse of them on the street?

It’s not that I am discounting the charitable acts done by this person. I am sure there are many and I am it has created its own well deserved good karma. I however do not believe that it absolves him of the implications of a deed done. At the very least, this I hope that this big hearted, generous person is able to feel a semblance compassion for the all the direct and indirect victims of his action, beneath the layers of power, fear, arrogance and lies.

I am also sure that there are many stars worthy of all the love that we bestow on them but there may be some whom we have placed on pedestals just for the sake of glamour, hysteria and whatnot, and who are not worthy of the same.

At the end of the day it’s very real – the fact that a hero on screen is not necessarily a hero in real life, he may be well far from it. At the very least, I hope that you and I, as part of being human or being whatever, we choose our superheroes more carefully.

Note: I apologize for the language and I apologize if I have hurt anybody. These views are strictly my own.