Thursday, 31 March 2016

The Little Visitor

(In loving memory)

Your little feet will patter about no more.

You will not keep us awake with your mighty mewls
You will not poop for me to clean up
You will not look at me with your tiny, squinty eyes.

With your tail sticking up, you will purr no more.

No more will you put your tiny paw on my toe
No more nasty medicines for you
No more will you nuzzle, with your itsy-bitsy muzzle.

So much we tried for you,

So many tears we cried for you
But goodbye, goodbye was all you would say
The light from your eyes slowly faded away.

For you I did think of a name,

But surely God has thought of one much better
Some more, I wanted to play with you
But surely, His playground in the sky is much bigger.

And today you are free, free.

Little one, I hope you are running 
Little one, I hope you are jumping 
Little one, I hope you are playing. 

Oh my tiny little one, I hope you are flying.

Notes -  This tiny fur was a familiar kitten from a nearby area, weak from birth. A kind family was watching over it. But on Sunday, we found him severely weakened and dehydrated. 

We took him in to shelter him from the heat and give him medical attention. He stayed with us for three and a half days. Sadly we lost the baby yesterday. It's amazing how these innocent creatures can find a way in your heart, without any words! We hope he is in a much better place now.

Incidentally, I had thought of the name 'Chintu' meaning 'little one' for him just yesterday. This small poem is also dedicated to Mini, a tiny baby kitty we lost much earlier.

Hope the world becomes a better and kinder place for animals, even if  bit by bit, everyday.


  1. Rest in peace little angel. You gave us a lot of happiness. We will miss you.